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Everything You Need To Know About Addiction and Recovery

Many people fail to understand exactly what addiction is and how the recovery process works. Some fail to understand why I person can't just stop using drugs, or why they may struggle with relapse if they have gone through recovery. Drug addiction is a very powerful and complex disease that isn't just an easy fix. It takes a lifelong commitment to recover from addiction. At our Franklin Addiction Recovery Center we understand that not everyone understands the dynamics and principles of addiction and recovery. Although we strongly encourage those in need to seek treatment, we also encourage all of our clients and their families to educate themselves on what addiction and recovery are.

What Is Addiction?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is classified as a chronic disease that is characterized by engaging in drug use and drug seeking behaviors in a compulsive manner, or in a manner that is difficult to control. Most drugs that are abused can affect a person's dopamine levels or reward circuit by flooding the brain with excess levels of dopamine. When the reward circuits are overstimulated, an intense high is created which ultimately will cause people to take the drug repeatedly. Repeated use of a drug over time can be attributed to the development of a dependence or addiction. However, there is no one factor which can predict one's susceptibility to becoming a drug addict. A combination of risks are responsible for influencing drug use. These factors include:

  • Biology: A person's genetic makeup can be accounted for close to 50% of their risk of developing an addiction
  • Environment: A person's environmental influences such as economic status, exposure to drugs, and guidance from parents can greatly influence a person's susceptibility for developing an addiction
  • Development: When both biological and environmental factors interact during a critical stage of development, this can increase risk for addiction. The earlier a person starts using a drug, the higher susceptibility they have for their drug use to progress into an addiction.

Although a person's addiction can be influenced by these factors, no two addictions are the same. People can be come addicted to drugs for a variety of reasons and influenced by a myriad of factors, however what's most important is seeking recovery.

What Is Recovery?

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, recovery is defined as a complex and dynamic proves encompassing all of the positive benefits to physical, mental, and social health that can happen when people who are suffering from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol get the help they need. Recovery is ultimately the process in a which a person makes a commitment to abstain from the use of drugs and/or alcohol as a means to improve their health, wellness, and quality of life. An individual's recovery process is very personal and individualized and can occur through various pathways. Recovery can include clinical treatment, medication, family support, and other effective approaches. At our Franklin Recovery Center we assist our client's in achieving a complete recovery from addiction by providing them with the treatment, care, support, and resources they need to achieve and maintain abstinence long term.

How Can Recovery Help Combat Against Addiction?

Recovery from addiction has many pathways, the path you take should be based on your own unique addiction. Although there is no cure for addiction, addiction can be successfully treated with a combination of pharmacological and behavioral approaches. There are a variety of treatment options available ranging from inpatient to outpatient rehab and more. Committing to recovery can ultimately help you save your life and make positive lifestyle changes. If you or your loved one are currently combatting against addiction and are looking for a center for addiction recovery Franklin Drug Rehab Centers is here to help get you started. Call our Franklin recovery center now at (973) 512-2217.

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