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When a person suffers from drug addiction, they lose control over their use of a particular substance or substances. They find themselves using more and more of a substance to achieve the same high, and they experience withdrawal symptoms when they haven't used the drug in some time. All of these symptoms can be significant cause for concern because a person will often experience difficulty with their health, their personal life, their profession, and often their job. When a person suffers from addiction, drug addiction rehab in Franklin can help.

Inpatient rehab is a service that involves staying at a treatment facility for a particular amount of time. Examples of durations of stay could include a week for detox to six months for a person that may need extended time to recover and rebuild their life.

Drug Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Often, those who abuse drugs become very good at hiding their drug use to their closest friends and family. However, as time passes and the addiction becomes more deeply seated, it can be difficult for someone to conceal the full extent of their drug use. Others may quickly lose control and spiral into a series of habits that a loved one quickly identifies as the signs and symptoms of drug abuse. Examples of signs and symptoms associated with drug abuse include:

  • Experiencing problems at school and/or work. A person may stop showing up on time, fail to complete assignments, or have difficulty focusing in meetings or classes.
  • Changes in physical appearance. A person may start to appear gaunt and as if they haven't slept in some time. They may also ignore their appearance altogether, resulting in poor grooming and an overall unkempt appearance.
  • Behavioral changes. Because substance abuse changes neurotransmitters in the brain, a person who suffers from the condition will likely start to display behavioral changes. This can include memory problems, paranoia, being very secretive, and stopping doing activities once enjoyed.
  • Experiencing financial difficulties. Some people with a substance abuse problem will spend hundreds of dollars in a day on their habit. Even for a very wealthy person, this can be very hard to conceal over time. A person may ask for money frequently or even steal items to sell to support their habit.

All of these symptoms indicate that a person has a real problem with abusing a substance or several substances. Our inpatient rehab in Franklin can be one way that a person can stop these behaviors from worsening and potentially having life-threatening consequences.

Treatment Options for Drug Addiction Rehab in Franklin

Inpatient drug rehab in Franklin can offer a number of treatment programs. Drug addiction rehab in Franklin include medical care such as detox services. These services may include creating a custom drug tapering program, administering medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms, or to prescribe medications that can reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Other rehab programs include one-on-one counseling as well as group counseling.

Addiction is a disease that is chronic and relapsing. This means that sometimes, despite the desire to quit using drugs, a person will continue to return to their previous habits and drug abuse. As a result, one of the steps a person must often take to break the cycle is to remove themselves from the places and people that remind them of using drugs. Through inpatient treatment, a person has 24-hour care in a safe place to recover.

A person can start to focus on sobriety in a place where others are committed to sobriety, and in specific, their sobriety. Some inpatient rehab treatment facilities also offer specialized programs, such as an executive program, which provides conference rooms, work spaces, and internet accessibility for those business executives and/or CEO's who wish to become sober yet can't put their work commitments on hold.

Sometimes a person needs drug addiction rehab in Franklin, yet refuses to acknowledge their problem or refuse help, maintaining they can quit on their own. In this instance, a person may require intervention to receive needed help. Regardless of the way someone enters our drug addiction rehab in Franklin, it is important they do so. Even a brief stay for detox services can provide an outlet for arranging outpatient services and participating in group therapies that can offer hope for long-term sobriety and a new lease on life.

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