Inpatient Rehab in Franklin, PA

Inpatient rehab in Franklin is a service that helps a person quit abusing drugs and/or alcohol while staying at a rehabilitation facility full-time. Participating in inpatient rehab treatment programs affords a person the opportunity to detox and then learn more about how to stay sober long-term in a setting that is safe, supportive, and evidence-based. Examples of programs that are often offered in an inpatient rehab setting include counseling, medication management, and group therapy. Integrative therapies, such as art therapy, yoga, or meditation can also be of great benefit to a person who is trying to reduce stress and anxiety in their life while developing healthier coping mechanism alternatives to substance abuse.

Inpatient drug addiction programs can range in duration from a week to several months. The duration truly depends upon the needs of the individual and when they and their care team feel they have met their goals and are ready to find housing and build a new life as a productive, sober individual.

What Are the Benefits of Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab in Franklin offers many benefits to a person suffering from substance abuse addiction. First, rehab in an inpatient setting helps to remove a person from the stressors of their everyday life. A person can recover in a safe and medically supportive environment. If they should experience a side effect from withdrawal that is treatable with medications, there are medical professionals on hand to administer medications.

Several studies support the use of inpatient rehab in treating a variety of addictions. Examples of these studies include:

  • A study of 139 individuals suffering from heroin addiction published in the journal "JAMA Internal Medicine" found that patients who started the medication treatment buprenorphine in an inpatient setting were four times less likely to relapse compared to those who started the treatment in an outpatient setting. Those who first participated in an inpatient treatment program, followed by an outpatient treatment program reported fewer incidences of relapse and return to drug use as well.
  • A study published in the journal "Health Services Research" found that inpatient drug rehab treatments were a cost-effective treatment modality, costing slightly less on average than outpatient treatment programs in terms of relapse and other needed supportive health services when a person opts for outpatient rehab or other drug addiction services.

Both outpatient and inpatient treatment programs have been shown to support sobriety and help an individual become sober. However, for some people, inpatient rehab in Franklin is a better alternative because of the intense and supportive therapy an inpatient setting can provide.

How Do I Choose Between Inpatient Versus Outpatient Rehab?

Some instances exist where our inpatient rehab treatment programs in Franklin will be the preferred method for addiction treatment. Examples of these instances include:

  • When a person suffers from an addiction to alcohol: Because the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be severe and sometimes life-threatening, a person should not attempt to detox from alcohol without the support and supervision from medical professionals.
  • When a person suffers from poly-substance abuse or has a co-occurring disorder (dual diagnosis): Known as "complicated" addictions, abusing more than one substance and detoxing can cause a number of unexpected symptoms and side effects. Also, those who have a mental health disorder as well as suffer from substance abuse often require 24/7 inpatient support that helps them stay sober.
  • When a person has gone through several outpatient rehab programs, or has been sober and relapsed several times: Sometimes using the same treatment approach will be ineffective on a person with multiple incidences of relapse. While relapse doesn't mean a person can't or won't become sober, inpatient rehab in Franklin is usually a preferred approach for those with multiple relapse episodes.
  • When a person does not have a supportive family unit or safe home: Not all individuals who suffer from substance abuse have family and/or friends that wish to see them doing well or who support their efforts to become sober. If a person goes home to a place where others are continuing their drug abuse, this can easily lead to relapse.
  • When a woman is pregnant: Pregnant women have unique needs related to withdrawals and addiction treatment. An inpatient rehab treatment program can provide support for these needs as a woman chooses sobriety for her and her baby's health.

The decision to pursue outpatient versus inpatient rehab in Franklin is truly an individual one. What is most important is that a person is choosing to become a sober individual. If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, call Franklin Drug Rehab Centers today at (973) 512-2217.

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