Prescription Drug Rehab in Franklin, PA

Prescription drugs can be just as addictive as street drugs like heroin. While prescription drugs may be legal to use as a doctor prescribes, there are many people who abuse medications and requires a prescription drug rehab in Franklin. An estimated one-fifth of the United States' population has abused a prescription drug in their lifetime. Prescription drug addiction is a constant pattern of abuse that will start to interfere with a person's life and ultimately their health. Fortunately, our staff specializing in prescription drug addiction in Franklin will help give a person power over their lives that prescription drug addiction had previously taken away.

Prescription drug addiction occurs when a person loses control over their use of a prescription drug. Repeated use and abuse can cause a person to crave a particular drug. They will build up a tolerance to the drug and have to use more and more to get the same effect. A person won't be able to resist the impulse to use a drug, even though they know it is harmful for them. When they stop using a particular prescription drug, they start experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Examples of behaviors associated with prescription drug addiction that may warrant treatment at a prescription drug rehab in Franklin include:

  • Taking larger dosages of a drug than is prescribed.
  • Using prescription drugs in a manner other than is prescribed, such as crushing and snorting or injecting the medication.
  • Purchasing medication off the street.
  • "Doctor shopping" by going to multiple doctors in an attempt to get more prescriptions for medications.
  • Taking prescription drugs that haven't been prescribed to you.

Prescription drug abuse is not only harmful for a person, it is also illegal. By seeking prescription drug rehab, a person can ideally avoid the personal, professional, legal, and financial difficulties that unfortunately can accompany prescription drug abuse.

What Are Examples of Common Prescription Drugs That Are Abused?

According to WebMD, there are three classes of prescription drugs that are most commonly abused. Treatment for addiction to each of these classes is available at prescription rehab centers in Franklin. Examples include:

  • Opioids used to treat pain. Examples of these medications include hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine.
  • Central nervous system (CNS) depressants, such as benzodiazepines that doctors prescribe to treat anxiety and promote sleep. Examples include Xanax, Ativan, Valium, and Klonopin. Alcohol addiction in Franklin is treated similarly to a depressant.
  • Stimulants are used to promote attention and treat sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy where a person will spontaneously fall asleep. Examples of these medications include Adderall, Concerta, and Ritalin.

Each of these medication types has been shown to cause changes in the brain that can result in addiction. Sometimes a person will abuse multiple drugs from each drug class.

Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Addiction

The approach to prescription drug addiction treatment often involves multiple services. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the two most common categories of treatment are medications and behavioral treatments. Behavioral treatments are a prescription drug addiction program that involve helping a patient recognize behaviors and thinking that are harmful and contributing to their prescription drug abuse. Ideally, once a patient can recognize these impacts and their effect on their condition, they are better able to resist the urges to return to prescription drug abuse. Behavioral treatments offered at prescription drug rehab may include one-on-one counseling or group sessions with family or other inpatient program members.

Another common aspect of prescription drug rehab is medication-assisted treatment. This approach is typically used for those addicted to opiates or painkillers. A doctor can prescribe medications such as buprenorphine, methadone, or naltrexone. Each of these medications works on the same pain-relieving receptors as opioids, yet do not provide the euphoric "high" that prescription opiates are known to cause. While these medications are still controlled substances, they are usually considered less addictive than the prescription opiate itself. The staff at a prescription drug addiction program can create a personalized plan to help a person transition off opiates to one of these medications and then to ideally stop taking any kind of medication altogether.

Prescription drug abuse is a massive nationwide problem, and Franklin is no exception. Sadly, overdose deaths where prescription drugs are involved have continued to rise. These medications can have serious consequences to the user, including memory loss, increased risks for respiratory infections, coma, and death. By seeking a prescription drug rehab in Franklin, a person can go from a statistic for prescription drug abuse to a survivor and sober individual.

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