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Franklin Drug Rehab Centers are created to help those suffering from addiction to find the most effective treatment possible. We at Franklin Drug Rehab Centers pair you with an addiction treatment facility that fits your unique needs.

Every person is different and can be more susceptible to an addiction even when using the drug as recommended. Even though most of us view drug abuse as underground and illicit hardcore drug use, almost half of all drug addictions are due to substances given by doctors for treating other illnesses.

Prescription drug abuse in Franklin will be an issue so long as drug treatment exists. Even when used as recommended, some people react differently to certain drugs which can have highly addictive properties, resulting in a developed addiction.

It's never recommendable to attempt to deal with the addiction by yourself. Inpatient rehab provides the most swift and safe path to becoming free of an addiction. Franklin Drug Rehab Centers works with drug and alcohol rehab centers that are equipped with trained addiction counselors and therapists who know what it is like to be out of control.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Franklin

Addiction Treatment Consultation From Franklin Drug Rehab Centers

The uniqueness of every patient and every addiction is accounted for with a variety of treatment programs, and are followed through with every patient rigorously to confirm that they are well suited to end their addiction.

After the addict is admitted into a treatment facility, they begin with the diagnosis process. Depending on how severe the illness, they offer a stay in an inpatient treatment facility throughout the whole process to fully monitor every step. They cover all possibilities, including that of a dual diagnosis.

Often an addiction will come as a byproduct of an attempt to cope with another disorder, or the addiction may result in a mental disorder like depression. Treating one while ignoring the other may result in complete ineffectiveness, so a complete consideration of the factors that lead to the patient's addiction is necessary. Dual diagnosis programs treat both of these conditions to ensure that the patient recovers properly.

Afterwards, medical professionals supervise the patients throughout the detox process at an inpatient treatment facility in Franklin. There, the patient is weaned of their substance with medications and other less invasive drugs to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal.

This is the most dangerous stage of recovery so it is imperative that the addict go through this process in an inpatient treatment facility. The medical professionals for medically-assisted detox makes sure that the patient is both safe and comfortable throughout the entire process.

For example, someone suffering from alcohol addiction is treated while monitoring signs of withdrawal such as vomiting, increased blood pressure, headaches, and tremors.

Seeking Addiction Treatment Programs With Help From Franklin Drug Rehab Centers

Detox is not the final step of recovery. While the patient is free of the drug, they can begin again at any time if the mental and psychological addiction is not treated. If the patient has a supportive home environment, they can finish their treatment while also returning to their families and responsibilities with an outpatient program.

However, most addicts are led to drug abuse because of the hostility or stress of their environment. Franklin Drug Rehab Centers work with drug treatment facilities that offer many different addiction treatment programs to combat the disease of addiction.

The variety of treatments patients have to choose from include acupuncture and chiropractic therapy, art and music therapy, family and cognitive behavioral therapy. While acupuncture and chiropractic therapy help to repair the muscles and nerves that may have been damaged by the addiction, art and music therapy allow indirect methods of confronting deeply seeded issues.

These among other types of therapy provide patients the most comfortable environment they need to resolve their problems, redirect their negative thoughts, and break habitual behavior which leads to an addiction to anything.

Addiction is a life-long concern after completing treatment. Like any chronic disease it may never be fully cured, but addiction counselors can help to prevent relapse through the right relapse prevention program in Franklin. This program is great for providing addicts with coping skills to deal with cravings and relapse triggers.

There are many activities that are recommended for maintaining sobriety after treatment. For example, a recovering addict can reside in a sober living community, which places them in a home with others who have the same desire to remain sober. Whether it is guiding you through those first steps to recovery or preventing your own relapse, take the time out of your day to let us help you find the right treatment. Call Franklin Drug Rehab Centers now to be matched with the right treatment facility at (973) 512-2217.

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