Alcohol Addiction in Franklin, PA

Alcohol addiction occurs when a person loses control over their drinking. While they may tell themselves they won't drink today or they won't drink more than a drink, they cannot control themselves when drinking. Additionally, they will start to build up a tolerance to alcohol and will have to drink more and more to achieve the same effect. Those with an alcohol addiction will also experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not drinking. Because alcohol addiction can cause serious and severe side effects when a person stops drinking, it is important to seek alcohol addiction rehab in Franklin.

Through the support of trusted professionals and alcohol addiction treatment, a person can quit drinking and live a healthier life free from alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Recognizing that a person has an alcohol problem can be difficult. However, there are often signs and symptoms, both for the person suffering from the alcohol addiction as well as for the person's friends and family. Signs that you may be suffering from a drinking problem include:

  • You feel guilty or ashamed by how much you drink.
  • You lie to others about how much or how often you drink.
  • You feel the need to drink as means to relieve stress, relax, or solve other problems.
  • You have frequent episodes where you "black out" and forget what you were doing when you were drinking.
  • You crave alcohol constantly when not drinking.
  • You have experienced trouble with the legal system or law due to your drinking.
  • You usually drink more than you intended to.
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms, such as shaking, nausea, or headaches when you aren't drinking.
  • Your friends or family have expressed how worried they are about your drinking.

If you have a loved you think may have an alcohol addiction, some of the signs they may need alcohol addiction treatment include:

  • Your loved one seems constantly anxious or jumpy or is constantly shaking, sweating, or has a headache when not drinking.
  • Your loved one has withdrawn from activities they seemed to enjoy due to drinking.
  • Your loved one has experienced financial difficulties or legal problems related to drinking.
  • Your loved one seems secretive, paranoid, and/or defensive about their drinking.
  • Your loved one denies or constantly downplays how much they drink.

These and other signs can signal a person may need alcohol addiction rehab in Franklin. If you think your loved one may have a drinking problem, you should not try to cover up for the person, argue with them, or attempt to take over their responsibilities. Instead, you may need to coordinate with family members and loved ones to schedule an intervention or seek an alcohol addiction treatment center.

Why Should I Enter an Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Franklin?

Alcohol addiction rehab in Franklin can be the important step in breaking the chronic and relapsing condition of alcohol addiction. First, it is important to enter an alcohol addiction treatment center because alcohol withdrawals can lead to a condition called delirium tremens or DTs. When a person detoxes from alcohol, they can experience symptoms such as seizures, extremely high body temperatures, rapid heart rate, hallucinations, and even enter into a coma. When a person wishes to start the withdrawal process for alcohol, it's important to go through the process of drug detox in Franklin for further support to ensure these symptoms do not occur.

In addition to seeking alcohol rehab for detoxification, a person who has gone through detoxification or inpatient treatment for alcohol addiction may wish to continue their recovery process through outpatient rehabilitation. This can include supportive programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, counseling, or family therapy.

According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 17 million Americans ages 18 and older suffer from an alcohol use disorder. However, a small fraction of these people seek treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment center. There are many reasons why a person may avoid seeking alcohol rehab. These include embarrassment, failure to recognize their condition as a problem, or a belief that a condition won't get better, even with treatment.

While a loved one may resist treatment at an alcohol addiction rehab in Franklin, there are many more reasons for a person to seek sobriety and treatment. Long-term alcohol addiction can lead to a number of health problems. These include liver disease and increased risk for cancers, such as esophageal cancer. In the short-term, alcohol abuse is associated with greater risk for injuries and accidents, which could be life-threatening.

Alcohol abuse can take over a person's life. It can affect their relationships, finances, and careers. By seeking alcohol rehab, a person can start on a journey to overcome their alcohol addiction.

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